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Am I really going to be forced to use Lightning?

Since December 2018, you will have heard the news that Salesforce are going to start ‘switching on Lightning for all users on a rolling basis’.

At first glance and without further investigation, you may think that you will finish work on the Friday and when you come in on the Monday morning following a nice relaxing weekend that you will be in the Lightning UI for ever! This isn’t the case, and we want all of you Classic users to understand what the reality is.

So, where do we start with this?

In effect this change will affect only those users on standard profiles, and those users on custom profiles with the ‘Lightning Experience User’ permission enabled. These users will start to see the ‘Switch to Lightning Experience’ link when in Classic and then will be automatically switched to Lightning.

Your system admin is in control of this process, so first and foremost if you don’t want your users to be switched to Lightning then don’t give them the ‘Lightning Experience User permission’. Secondly, if you do wish to encourage people to try Lightning, there are a number of steps to take first. Read our Best Practice for Migrating to Salesforce Lightning blog to find out more.

We at Stimulus agree, if you haven’t looked at the Lightning UI yet then you probably should do, even if it’s only to be aware of what it is and what it does (to be honest I don’t believe that there is an admin out there who wouldn’t have looked at the Lighting UI (apologies if you do exist!)

But, and it really is a big but, what if you have looked at Lightning and you have decided that it currently isn’t what your business is looking for OR you have looked into it in great detail and the boss has said ‘No’?

I think this next snippet of information is really important, depending upon who you talk to only about 40% of Salesforce Orgs in the UK have switched to the Lightning UI at this time. Those of us who are working in Lightning are fully aware of how good it is but for some organisations it’s just not practical to switch and it may not be practical for a multitude of reasons. Don’t feel pressured into switching to Lightning because you think everyone else is, it’s just not true. However, give it due diligence and keep an eye on all the new features that might just change your mind.

It’s really important that we add this last piece to the blog.

Lightning is the future, it isn’t going away and Salesforce will be encouraging us all to switch to Lightning as soon as it is practical to do so and here are the top tips for switching.

  • Run the Readiness Check in Setup!
  • Get into a Sandbox and have a click around and see how it works with the areas of your Org that are used most often.
  • If you are tempted to get your users to try Lightning then communicate with them first, explain the differences and then review your profiles/permission sets to give Lightning access to those you feel could be your Champions!
  • If you decide to roll it out across the whole company then make sure you know your metrics pre & post lightning enablement so you can monitor adoption.
  • If you need help/advice on how to manage your transition to Lightning then please contact us



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