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myTrailhead Summer '20 Updates

In our other blogs we’ve covered so many great new features, but this time around we want to focus on one of our favourite products, myTrailhead. Let’s take a look at the updates in the Summer '20 release.

In-App Walkthroughs

This is a really exciting new step for In-App Guidance in Salesforce. Now we have Walkthroughs which are a series of step-by-step prompts to guide your users around a new feature. Although not strictly speaking a myTrailhead feature, the reason we’ve included it here is because Walkthroughs are only available with a myTrailhead license. It’s certainly a great added benefit of being a myTrailhead customer.

You can create up to 10 prompts in a single walkthrough, and also embed videos or links into your prompts. It’s similar to our In-App Guidance single prompts, but the multiple steps can walk your users through a more detailed feature.

Watch our Salesforce Walkthroughs video to find out more. 

Deleting Product Filters

Your myTrailhead users can filter on the content they are looking for, however, if you haven’t purchased particular products, this can be frustrating for users when they filter and find no content. Now you can remove product filters that you don’t use.

In myTrailhead Settings, just navigate to Filters, and you can delete any of the products you don’t wish to see. Just be advised, you cannot undo this change.

Customise your Help and Logout Landing Pages, and custom Footers

Another great addition is the ability to set the Landing Page for your own Help and Logout pages. You can do this in the Navigation section in Settings.

Once your users click on the Help icon, they will be taken to your own landing page for any assistance they need rather than the Salesforce Help pages.

And when your users logout of myTrailhead, you can choose where they go next.

You can also customise the Footer Links in myTrailhead. You can direct users to any privacy statements, or intranet and community pages. You can create up to three links, and a nice feature is that each link can appear in up to six languages out of English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil). And another little gem here (although not from Summer ’20) is that if your users want to switch languages (to any of the six supported options), the dropdown to do so is also in the footer.

Salesforce and Trailhead Branding no longer appear

Some users aren’t going to be familiar with the trademark Salesforce characters and branding, so all images of Astro and friends and the familiar Trailhead branding elements have now been removed from myTrailhead.

Thanks for joining us for another round up! 

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