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Our Guide to a successful Salesforce Implementation (Part 2) - Getting to know your Business and Sharing Our Plan.

In our previous related blog post, we touched briefly on the main key points that comprise a successful Salesforce Implementation. Now, we are going to look at each point individually and go into more detail as to why each particular element of the process is a necessity in providing you with a system that will meet and support the vision, goals and requirements of your business.

Understanding your Business

Firstly, we believe it is critical for every client to have a good understanding of Salesforce so that they can fully understand its capabilities and how it can transform their business. Therefore, we always recommend that the chosen Product Owner within the business completes the ADX201 Salesforce training course. 

Part of what we do to get to understand your business, is get to know your business process - inside out. We work with you to clarify processes, define what happens at each stage, who is involved during that process and how you measure the results. We will do this through onsite workshops with a range of staff from your organisation. These workshops are initally focussed on the overriding business process, and help bring to light any current or potential pain points throughout the process. Bringing these to light ensures that they are addressed and acted upon during the build phase which, in turn, helps drive user adoption by improving the overall user experience. 

Once we have fully understood your business processes, we will ask questions relating to platform design, user stories and functionality. This ensures that your Salesforce system is designed to support the business, not to get the business to flex their processes to use Salesforce. 

Quite often, and probably more frequently than what we would like to see, we are working with clients who have previously had systems built for them based only on a series of user stories. This has left them with a poorly designed CRM system that just hasn't delivered the support they required and expected. Using our expertise, we document a full and in-depth end-to-end business process that ustilises the essential user stories to form part of the overall process, and not as an end to themselves. 

Share our Plan

Once we have spent the time to understand your business and its process, it's time to take all that knowledge and share our design for a successful system that will provide your business and your users with everything they need, deliver on what they expect it to do and more! 

Before we commence with the build, we make sure that the design is signed-off by key stakeholders in each business area. CRM implementations can fail if they are led by people who do not fully understand what happens at the delivery level in all parts of the business and its process, meaning the end product and build doesn't match or support what they do in the business. Despite working from an approved design, we do apply agile techniques that provide flexibility to be able to make changes during the build phase, should the business require so. 

Taking the time to understand your business and communicating our plan with you in a clear and effective way, gives you the best possible system for your business. This has a positive impact on user adoption and user experience, which means it will be utilised exactly in the way you need it to. 

Contact us today to get your Salesforce implementation of the ground. 



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