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Personalising your Salesforce

Does your Salesforce have personalised branding? If not, why not? It’s quick, easy, and ensures your iteration of Salesforce is just that – yours!

One of the best things about Salesforce is how customisable it is. Different industries will have very disparate requirements and needs, and Salesforce supports this simply and effectively, right down to replacing the Salesforce cloud with your company’s own logo.

Whilst branding a system seems maybe an unnecessary addition, it helps build a strong and uniformed approach, whilst simultaneously building a culture amongst employees. Think of it in this way – you make sure all of your external marketing materials look the same, so why shouldn’t you do the same for your internal systems?

All Salesforce instances look the same when you start using it – the Salesforce logo (the cloud) appears in the top left-hand corner, and everything is uniformed in a ‘Salesforce blue’.

So, let’s see how we can change it to support our company, Stimulus Consulting.

It’s really easy! Navigate to the Setup cog in the top right-hand corner, and search ‘Themes and Branding’ in the Setup search bar. You’ll see a list of pre-determined themes, so select New Theme to create your own, for your own company.

You will be taken through to the following screen, which allows you to change branding of the user interface such as the logo, colour themes and banners. These will be default settings across your org, but you can change certain aspects of branding within specific apps, too!

I would recommend using an eyedropper tool (easily available through Chrome or PowerPoint) to determine the main colour within your logo, if you do not know it already. This ensures that colours used across your Salesforce are brand-appropriate, as can be seen by the Brand-Based Color Palette.

With the release of Summer ‘19, a new, discreet feature has been added – Link Color. Now, you can imagine that if you had a very bright colour, or one that didn’t go too well with the standard blue hyperlink, any links in blue would look slightly out of place, going against your carefully selected branding imagery. This new feature allows you to make every link within Salesforce the same colour as the above ‘brand color’.

Use the above screen and that below to determine just how you’d like your records to look.













When you think you are happy with your overall look, why not preview and make sure! Click Save and Preview at the top of the page. You’ll always know when you’re in Preview, as a banner will appear at the top of the page.

Happy? Great! Click Activate to initiate the changes into your org. Let’s head back to the home page to see how it has changed our Salesforce org…

And voila! We can see the implemented changes – the logo now appears in the top left-hand corner, it’s cleaner and clearer, and the colours are in line with those we set as our brand colour. Stimulus’ colours aren’t too different from the Salesforce generated interface, so to show you just how many changes can be made, here is an example of quite the opposite!

This is maybe a little too bright… But you can see how different your Salesforce can look, in line with your company’s branding. Notice all links are in pink too, just as we discussed earlier. You can also have your company’s logo on the loading screen!

So, there we have it – a really simple way of making your Salesforce personalised for your company and your colleagues. It doesn’t take long, and makes quite a difference to the user interface!

Did you know, we have a collection of Salesforce tutorial videos that can help guide you through many different aspects of Salesforce. Take a look. 


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