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New Product Filters in Salesforce myTrailhead

myTrailhead have released their next update in Product Filters. Previously we could delete product filters that we did not use. Now, we can create our own Product Filters relevant to your business and associate the filters to your myTrailhead content. Once your modules have been published, users will be able to filter on the content about that topic.

Only the filters that have myTrailhead content associated to them will appear to users, so it reduces redundant information on the screen and makes it easier to find content relevant to them.

As a myTrailhead admin, you cannot delete a filter that has content published and associated with it, but myTrailhead will tell you exactly which content is associated with the filter so that you can make any updates and remove the filter.

Product filters are also visible on the Badge records in Trail Tracker, which makes reporting on badge completion so much easier!

Watch our short video to see this in action! 

Another great feature for myTrailhead.


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