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The Analyse Button - Improve your Salesforce Lightning Page Load Speed

In recent times Salesforce has put a great amount of emphasis to enable Salesforce Administrators to enhance the speed of their Org. We now have the incredible Analyse button available on Lightning Pages to allow administrators to view their anticipated load time for lightning pages and even more exciting it will also provide recommendations on how to improve these pages. This feature is available for both standard and custom objects in Lightning Experience.

The page analysis shows a predicted page load time of 2.6 seconds which Salesforce determines as a moderate performance.

The analysis breaks down the performance by each component so we have visibility of the areas causing any issues.

On the break down above, we can see the components which are taking the most time load and this is where we can focus our attention.

The Org-Specific Metrics card shows data from the org that you’re in. If you’re viewing user metrics in a sandbox, the metrics are different than when viewed in production. If the Lightning page that you’re analysing isn’t activated, the metrics shown reflect all users in the org. After the page is activated, the metrics are filtered to reflect only the users that the page is assigned to.

This is a great new feature, which will really help admins and developers to get the best performance.

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