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Dreamforce: A Slack-first world

You may have been wondering since the acquisition of Slack, how will it be integrated with all the products that Salesforce have to offer? You may have seen some of the initial integrations already, however in Dreamforce we’ve seen that there will be an explosion of integrations across the clouds and with the Salesforce platform.

Here is a list of features we can expect to see within Slack in the future:

Sales: digital deal rooms; deal, account and contact management; alerts and reminders; pipeline view

These features will allow our sales teams to collaborate on their deals directly within Slack, which includes the sales team, external partners and customers. They will also be able to view account and contact data and be alerted of any updates through intelligent alerts as well as setting up reminders for approaching close dates or sales inactivity.

Service: case swarming; incident swarming; expert finder

These features will allow service teams to collaborate on high priority or complex cases faster by allowing greater collaboration between inhouse service teams and external partners based on availability, skill and capacity. They also assist teams who deal with service incidents in a similar way by allowing cross functional experts to collaborate to resume a regular service.

Marketing: Marketing Cloud Journeys; Pardot automation

Within Slack, marketing teams will be able to access intelligent journey planning with Einstein recommendations, collaboration within teams or across external agencies and create custom approval workflows. Pardot automation allows sales and marketing to have a single view of the customer in Slack and it help sales team stay up to date with streamlines sales notifications.

Commerce: B2C Commerce Alerts; Order Management Exception Alerts

B2C Commerce Alerts allow teams to stay ahead of trends and gain a deeper understanding of their business across promotions, pricebooks, coupons, campaigns and more. Order Management Exception Alerts allow uses to be notified about order issues and allows them to bring the right experts to collaborate on a resolution.

Digital Experiences: Salesforce CMS Integration

When new Content is published, internal and external teams will be automatically alerted in Slack

Platform: Flow for Slack, App Builder for Slack

Teams will be able to create end-to-end workflows in Slack for both internal and external stakeholders and teams will be able to build apps in Slack that will pull through and surface Salesforce data

Trailhead: Trailhead Search Slash command; Recommended Learning; Home Tab

Whilst in their flow of work in Slack teams will be able to search, favourite and share Trailhead and myTrailhead Content. They will also be able to see Einstein recommended learning to help make learning more relevant and engaging. Finally, without leaving Slack they will be able to see complete and in progress badges, favourited and assigned learning.

Analytics: Einstein Discovery; Ask Data and Explain Data; Notifications

Teams will be able to build AI powered recommendations and predictions directly into their Slack data. They will also be able to ask business question in natural language directly in Slack will be presented visualisations with explanations behind them. Lastly, users will be notified in Slack to help them stay up to date on trends and relevant data.

MuleSoft: MuleSoft Anypoint Platform Slack Connector; MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce Slack Connector

These MuleSoft capabilities will allow teams to integrate custom apps and software into Slack and will empower users to connect data and apps to Salesforce declaratively

Quip: Quip App for Slack

Teams will now be able to embed Quip documents directly into their Slack channels

Some of these features are already available such as the B2C Commerce Alerts as well as all the Trailhead, MuleSoft and Quip capabilities. The rest will be rolled out either later this year or is on the roadmap for releases for 2022.

Exciting times! Contact us for more information.


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