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Introducing the Flow Trigger Explorer

Sometimes automation can get very complicated. Not only on the structural side of what you are wanting an automation to execute, but also on an organisational side. As you start building Flows and learning what they are capable of, you may notice the number of Flows you have on each Object starts to pile up.

This not only makes it quite difficult to see what automations you have created, but also if there are any overlaps with the different Flows that you have created on the same Object.

For example, you may have created a record triggered Flow that updates a Case to the Status of Hot whenever it is assigned to Phil. You may then, sometime later, create another Flow which updates the owner of a Case to Phil whenever it has the status of Hot, landing you in a vicious circle. Or you could simply have created multiple Flows that all do the same thing.

This entire confusion can now be bypassed with the introduction of the new Flow Trigger Explorer. The Flow Trigger Explorer allows you to view all of the record-triggered Flows that you have built on, not only an object-by-object basis, but also by trigger action as well. It can either be accessed from within a Flow (clicking on the Open Flow Trigger Explorer link under the Start Element) or from the Flows page in Setup.

From there you will be able to choose the Object you would like to see the Flows for, and the trigger action (Created, Edited or Deleted) that launches the Flow. Once you have chosen those parameters, the relevant Flows will show up below, categorised by when the Flows happen; before-save, after-save and asynchronous.

You can also see whether or not a Flow is Active, and if you click on the dropdown next to the Flow you can select Flow Details and Versions to see the other versions of the Flow. If you need to edit a Flow, you can click into one by clicking on the name of the Flow, which will open the Flow in a new tab.

Now you are able to see all of the record- triggered Flows that you have built, and make sure that there is no chance of duplication or complication when creating more!

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