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Salesforce Winter '22 Release - Maps

It’s a new release so of course we have some new and improved Salesforce Maps features to have a look at!

If you have used Salesforce Maps at all, you know that it has many capabilities. One of these capabilities is being able to split your demographic into territories if you so wish. These territories can be based on location, but can also include products as well e.g. North American Farming. With Winter ’22 you can now automate the assignment of these territories, using up to 5000 Assignment Rules, and your Assignment Plans. An Assignment Plan is essentially a plan to assign records to Users (pretty straightforward). You can have multiple Assignment Rules within one plan, so you can set a rule for each User and Territory. You can also schedule your plans to run as well. 

There are many other new and improved features regarding territories and Salesforce Maps. Check out the Winter ’22 Release Notes for further insight.

One of the huge benefits of using Salesforce Maps is that you are presented with a visual version of your data. You can identify all your data on an actual map, and you are able to see insights into each part of that data. With Winter ’22 your plotting abilities have been expanded! You can now visualise record data for objects that rely on address information from a related object. Let’s say you have a custom object called Visits, that stores all of the information of when you reps have visited customer sites, however, it doesn’t actually include the addresses, just the date, time and information collected from that site visit. You can now set up those Visit records to appear on your map, and ask for the address fields to be included from the related object that stores them.

One of my favourite features within Salesforce Maps is the ability to plot and plan your trips and schedule. You can now take this is a step further by adding stops to your reps’ current schedules. If a last-minute appointment comes in and you know your rep isn’t far away, you can update their current schedule to include the new stop. This means that your reps can be more flexible and can cater to all those last-minute requests from customers,

As we’re talking about updating our Reps’ schedules, we can also have a look at another feature that has been updated in Winter ’22, which is Live Tracking. Instead of having to use multiple mobile apps to report their whereabouts, availability and delays, your reps can now turn on Live Tracking on their Salesforce Mobile App (iOS). This will give you insights into their location, and trip-related data. This not only allows you to give your customer up-to-date information about the whereabouts of your reps, but also allows you to dispatch other reps if they are in a more accessible location.

You can also use Live Tracking to track work-related mileage. Your reps can pause mileage tracking during their stops and breaks, and restart when they set off again.

There are so many great new features and improvements coming to Salesforce Maps, all of which not only benefit your customers, but also make your reps’ day easier.

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