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Salesforce Spring '20 release. Our favourite features - Part 1

It seems like only yesterday that we were taking you through the last Salesforce release notes, but here we are again. Here are some of our favourite features from the Spring '20 release.

So, the Spring ‘20 update is almost upon us and certainly for me it still feels like I’ve only just started to scratch the surface of the last update with customers. There's a lot in there as always and sometimes the official notes can be a little hard to pick through so a few of us wanted to take a look through the release notes and draw your attention to a few of our favourite new changes.  There is so much good stuff in this one, that we have actually split it out into a two-part blog to make for a bit easier reading!

However, if you would rather watch our short video, here it is:

Task Assignment to Queues

First, my ultimate favourite, you can now assign Tasks to queues. This may not sound like a lot but when you give it some thought, it’s huge. Think about how you could automate the creation of Tasks to manage your process and assign them to queues for the teams that need to do the work. Your teams can then sort by priority, due date or whatever works best and take the Tasks in the correct order. This is just another way Salesforce are making it easier to use Tasks as a core feature of your workflow.

Clone with Related...

What a timesaver this one can be. On a few standard objects, an Opportunity for example, you now have the option to “Clone with Related”. This means when you clone the Opportunity it asks you if you want to clone things like the Contact Roles and Products too. For Campaigns, the Campaign record and its member statuses are cloned to the newly created record. This means you don’t have to reinput that data each time a customer comes back for the same order (or a very similar one) again. Imagine how happy your sales reps will be at renewal time, this should cut down on data entry time and data entry errors (assuming it was right in the first place of course!).

This is all great, but the future could be even more exciting for this feature. All objects have had the feature tag deepClonable added to them and set to false. While trying to activate it now gives an error, could this mean that this feature will be made available to other objects in future? I hope so!

myTrailhead – Redesigned Trailmaker

You have probably heard of Salesforce myTrailhead, you may even currently be using it, you’ll be happy to know it is already improving and updating! In the Spring 20 release, the functionality largely stays the same, however the user interface has been updated making it more intuitive and efficient to create content in Trailmaker.

You are now able to create list views in your content workspace, allowing you to access your modules, units and trails more easily. With the updated action button, you can easily add content to releases, download content into a backpack and edit modules and units in just one click. The module and unit creation page have been streamlined giving you a cleaner and more intuitive experience, along with the drag and drop feature to reorder questions in your quizzes.

Salesforce myTrailhead is still relatively new but already it is being enhanced and giving you and your employees the best user experience possible. Get in contact with one of our team members for more information.

If you’re anything like me, having more than one password and login causes a lot of confusion. Having 17 different accounts and a different password for each means that more often than not, I am locked out of the majority because I have entered the wrong details for the wrong account. I am especially caught out when it comes to anything related to Trailhead, the Trailhead Community, the Ideas Exchange and many more. If you’re the same as me then will be a lifesaver to you too.

Instead of having to remember multiple logins for different websites, all your logins are collated through All you have to do is login through and then you will be able to access Trailhead, the Trailblazer Community, Ideas Exchange, AppExchange and any Events that you have been invited to.

Your profile also displays a summary of some of your achievements and information from the other sites, like your Trailhead Badges and your standing in the Trailblazer Community. If you want to show off to your co-workers, you can make your profile Public so everyone can view it.

If you already have credentials with any of these Salesforce sites don’t worry, when you log into one of them you will be prompted to enter some of your details and your related accounts will be matched with those details; all of the hard work is done for you!

App Launcher Improvements

Here's a really nice quality of life improvement. Have you ever found the Lightning app launcher to be a little bit slow or a little bit cumbersome when you just want to quickly switch between the 2 or 3 apps you use? Well, Salesforce have got you covered. Clicking the app launcher now opens a small drop down menu with a small number of apps on it. It’s quicker and less intrusive than before to make a quick swap. The previous Lightning app launcher is still there when you click the “View All” link at the bottom of the menu.

If you want any help understanding more about these features, or implementing them, please do get in touch and we would love to help. 


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