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New Salesforce Standard Profile? Yes Please!

Many of you Salesforce admins and developers can immediately recite the standard Salesforce profiles. It was likely one of the first things you learnt. But did you know in the Summer ’20 release a new standard profile was added?

Welcome the new Minimum Access User Profile! This is a great addition as it allows us to assign a profile to a user with the minimum access levels and simply add to it using permission sets.

How could you use this? Well here are a couple of ideas:

  • A group of users only need to access one small area of Salesforce. Start with the minimum access profile and just add one permission set – much quicker than creating a new custom profile and amended all of the existing permissions
  • If you are setting up myTrailhead for users that don’t need to access Salesforce, just use this profile

It could also become particularly interesting when you consider the permission set groups that are now available - you can easily imagine how this becomes the base profile to use if you wish to shift your primary security model to permission set groupings.

Find out more about the Summer ’20 release in our blog series.


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