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Salesforce Tableau CRM Summer '21 Release Features

When we talk about summer, we typically dream of warm days, barbeques, complaining about the heat and most exciting of course, the Summer release! In this release cycle we have a lot to look forward to for Tableau CRM and we have rounded up some of our favourites. As always, you can check out our video to see it in action!


First let’s cover some of the latest and greatest with Recipes. You can now connect, join and append data with Enhanced Graph Interactions in the Data Prep interface. Enhanced Graph Interactions allow you to join or append data from any node to any other node in the recipe. This can be upstream or downstream. You can say goodbye to the days of duplicating nodes whenever you needed to use it again in a recipe. Also, you can create a branch at a node and branch it to another path in the recipe. The additional benefit to enhanced graph interactions is that you also can move your nodes so that they can flow right to left.

Another recipe update is the ability to anticipate the future with time series forecasting which is now generally available. With the Time Series Forecasting transformation you will be able to run forecasts based on historical data and seasonality allowing you to make decisions today about the future.

You can select the seasonality there are 3 forecast models to choose from: Additive - use this method when the seasonal variations are roughly constant throughout the series. Multiplicative - use this method when the seasonal variations change proportionally to the average. And Auto uses the method with the best forecast accuracy. You can also auto detect the best model, decide if you want to include your latest time period (if the last period isn’t over yet, then the data will be incomplete which can make the forecast distorted) and a confidence interval (this helps to account for errors by providing values for each forecast based on the level of confidence) to get the most out of your forecast.

In the Summer ’21 release you can now also create app templates with just a couple of clicks.

In the past you would create your own analytics templated apps through the CLI or Workbench. And if you wanted to change or delete these apps, you would once again do this programmatically. But now you can do some of this directly in the Analytics Studio.

You would simply create your app with the necessary assets within it. Then from the app with a few clicks you can create a brand-new template. This will create a basic app template which you can distribute to other orgs. That’s not all, if you need to update, delete, or decouple your template from the source app this can be done in the newly updated Analytics Studio home page from the Templates tab under All Items.

You can customise further using JSON to make it a smart template with a wizard and create your questions and specify run-time rules.

Additionally, you can now make your Tableau CRM dashboards more accessible to your end users with improved accessibility settings including colour contrast, assistive text and keyboard controls, this will help our users interact with buttons, use widget tooltips and manage their saved views with greater ease.

Finally, you may be familiar with duplicating widgets within the same dashboard. You can now copy widgets then paste them onto another dashboard which makes it even easier to maintain and create your dashboards with copy and paste. When you do this, it will keep your widget and query properties intact.

And that is our round up! As you can see, this year is a scorcher. If you are interested in how Tableau CRM can help you to define your analytics strategy please check out our Analytics Quick Start


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