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Salesforce Tableau meets Einstein Analytics

When Salesforce bought Tableau in 2019, we were all eagerly waiting to see how Tableau and Salesforce Einstein Analytics would come together. Now wait no longer, we are now seeing the predictive capabilities of Einstein Discovery emerge in Tableau. We’ll tell you about it in this blog.

Salesforce Tableau is a phenomenon. It is amazing how enthusiastic people are about a business intelligence and data analysis product. The Tableau community is truly great, just search for Tableau viz, vizzes, or viz gallery and get ready to be amazed as well as amused about various creative,  illustrative, and interesting ways people analyse data.

So, what is changing? Einstein Discovery is integrated in Tableau with the Einstein Discovery extension. It can provide deep insights about what our data can tell us. We can build a code-free predictive model inside Einstein Discovery and surface it on a Tableau dashboard. It is interactive and focuses on improvements and predictions based on the viewer's selection on the dashboard.

Predictions are not limited just to dashboards. Now the Einstein Discovery connection can be used in calculated fields in Tableau within its calculation engine. We can use a point and click interface to build a row-level predictive model.

Einstein Discovery is also integrated directly into Tableau Prep. We score data and include prediction columns all using the point-and-click interface. When the flow is run, all rows of data get a prediction. No integration with Einstein Discovery is needed.

Tableau and Einstein Analytics are not only coming together when it comes to predictive functionality. According to Tableau's CPO Francois Ajenstat, the roadmap is to combine the best of both products to deliver an even broader and deeper platform.

The roadmap includes deep integrations between Tableau and Einstein Analytics with seamless transition for existing customers. Data in Einstein analytics will be available in Tableau and vice versa. Data Prep will be able to prepare our data for Einstein Analytics as well as Tableau. There will be a single authoring experience to create content only once and access it in Salesforce, Tableau, or embedded apps.

From now on, Einstein Analytics will be called Tableau CRM. I can feel the signature Tableau enthusiasm and I am looking forward to the future of data analysis on the platform.


Tableau Roadmap - Analytics for Everyone


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