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myTrailhead – Trailmaker Enhancements to make Publishing even easier!

Hot off the press, those lovely folks at Salesforce have released some enhancements to the Trailmaker tool that we use to publish myTrailhead content.

You’ll be delighted to know that when you now copy and paste from your collaborative writing tool (whether it is Google Docs, Quip or Word), your formatting will now be retained in Trailmaker. This is a huge win, and those of you that have spent lots of time re-formatting will no doubt breath a huge sigh of relief.

We’ve also got a new Toolbar with some additional features.

  1. The Undo and Redo buttons. This is a nice addition which will help with those moments where you need to quickly remove or re-add the changes made
  2. Additional options for lists, nested lists and bullet styles. This will help us customise our content further with these additional formatting options

These enhancements will certainly help convert our content more quickly. We’re already looking forward to the next update!

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