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Staff Spotlight - Liam O'Shea

For our next Staff Spotlight, we chat with Liam who is one of our new Graduate Consultants. He studied Business at the University of The West of England in Bristol. His work background includes working on room service at the Marriott, customer service at Homebase and estate agency. He's a snooker lover and is very thrilled at the opportunity Stimulus has given him.

1. 10 years ago, what did you think you would be doing now?

At this point I would have started my second year at the University of The West of England in Bristol studying Business. I enjoyed all the various topics such as marketing, IT, Human resources and enjoyed them very much so my hope for the future would be pursuing a career I would enjoy and thrive in.

2. What quote do you live your life by?

Knowledge is power. I always wanted to become an expert in which ever field of business I chose and felt knowledge was the key ingredient to success.

3. What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?

Probably my phone. Instant access to the internet and the ability to speak to my friends and family who live far away. Also looking at adorable cats on a regular basis

4. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Snooker has been my favourite hobby since a young age. It gives me a chance to step away, relax and enjoy the competition. Also seeing my friends and family for social occasions.

5. What are you listening to/reading/watching at the moment?

There is always music on in my home with a wide variety of genres. Currently, I have a few box sets on the go including Money Heist, Killing Eve, and Afterlife which all seem interesting so far.

6. What’s your previous working experience?

At 16 I started working on a checkout at Focus DIY which soon became Homebase then I had a brief spell working on room service at the Marriott whilst at University. I spent a year after University working as a supervisor in a call centre before my most recent employment working for 6 years in estate agency.

7. What’s your favourite thing about life at Stimulus?

100% the people! I am writing this 4 weeks into my training and everyone I have met has been so supportive and amazing. They team also have a great laugh during meetings so I am thrilled with this opportunity.

8. What are you excited about during the next year at Stimulus?

I am excited to learn new things and the culture of learning seems very strong in Stimulus. I am looking forward most of all to proving what I have learnt.


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