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Create Seamless Customer Experiences Using Marketing Cloud Connect - MCC201, 19 July 2021, Virtual

The Marketing Cloud Connect Essentials course is designed to give you in-depth knowledge of the functionality available when you connect your Salesforce org to your Marketing Cloud account. In this interactive course, you will gain hands-on experience connecting the Clouds, personalizing your emails by leveraging your Salesforce CRM data from the Sales / Service Clouds, sending emails to a Contact / Lead, Report, or Campaign, synchronising your Salesforce CRM data in the Marketing Cloud, segmenting your data to send targeted and relevant emails, creating 1:1 journeys based on your Salesforce CRM data, and tracking and reporting capabilities in the Marketing Cloud and Sales / Service Clouds.

Who should take this course?

This course is ideal for email digital marketers responsible for managing the email channel for their organization, Salesforce Admins responsible for supporting users when Marketing Cloud Connect is installed, and customers who will be connecting their Salesforce org to Marketing Cloud using Marketing Cloud Connect.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:
  • Explain Marketing Cloud Connect.
  • Connect a Marketing Cloud account to a Salesforce org.
  • Create individualized content blocks to leverage Salesforce CRM data using personalization strings and dynamic content.
  • Create an email in Content Builder.
  • Utilize the various sending methods to send to a Lead, Contact, Report, or Campaign in the Marketing Cloud and Sales and Service Clouds.
  • Automate the sending of emails using a Triggered Email, Automation Studio, and Journey Builder.
  • Configure Synchronized CRM Sources to bring CRM data into the Marketing Cloud.
  • Segment data using Reports, Filter Activity, and Query Activity.
  • Create journeys using Salesforce Activities in Journey Builder.
  • Review tracking data in the Marketing Cloud and Sales and Service Clouds.
  • Create analytics reports in the Marketing Cloud.
  • Create and customize Marketing Cloud reports in a Sales and Service Clouds.
  • Create a dashboard based on Marketing Cloud reports.



Marketing Cloud Connect Essentials Pre-work

Please complete the following before attending our expert-led class.

Lessons and Topics

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Overview

  • Overview of the Customer Success Platform
  • Overview of the Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud Connect

  • Review Marketing Cloud Connect
  • Review the various ways to connect the Clouds

Marketing Cloud Connect Configuration

  • Explore how to connect the Clouds
  • Review of the pre-requisites for Marketing Cloud Connect
  • Review of Salesforce terminology
  • Connect a Marketing Cloud account to a Salesforce org
  • Review pre-work

Personalized Digital Marketing

  • Review what functionality can be accomplished in each cloud
  • Create a personalized email leveraging Salesforce CRM data using Content Builder
  • Use Testing Tools
  • Send a Marketing Cloud Email to a Lead, Contact, Report, and Campaign
  • Automate the sending of an email via a Triggered Email, Automation Studio, and Journey Builder
  • Understand what happens when an email is sent
  • Understand subscriber statuses

Synchronized CRM Data

  • Explain how and why to bring Salesforce CRM data into Marketing Cloud
  • Synchronize data sources in Contact Builder
  • Create segments using Filters and the Query Activity
  • Create a Salesforce Data Extension for sending
  • Create a journey using synchronized data sources
  • Test a journey

Journey Builder

  • Explain Sales and Service Cloud Activites
  • Create a journey using Sales and Service Cloud Activities Tracking and Reporting
  • Understand the tracking data available in Marketing Cloud
  • Create and automate tracking reports in Marketing Cloud
  • Understand the tracking data available in the Sales and Service Cloud
  • Create and customize Marketing Cloud reports in the Sales and Service Cloud
  • Create a dashboard for Marketing Cloud tracking reports

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MCC201, 19 July 2021




4 days

Start Date:

19 July 2021

End Date:

22 July 2021

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