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Marketing Cloud Connect Essentials - MCC201, 16 December 2019, London

The Marketing Cloud Connect Essentials course is designed to give you in-depth knowledge of the functionality available when you connect your Salesforce org to your Marketing Cloud account. In this interactive course, you will gain hands-on experience connecting the Clouds, personalizing your emails by leveraging your Salesforce CRM data from the Sales/Service Clouds, sending emails to a Contact/Lead, Report, or Campaign, synchronizing your Salesforce CRM data in the Marketing Cloud, segmenting your data to send targeted and relevant emails, creating 1:1 journeys based on your Salesforce CRM data, and tracking and reporting capabilities in the Marketing Cloud and Sales/Service Clouds.

Who should take this course?

This course is designed for:

• Customers who will be connecting their Salesforce org to the Marketing Cloud using Marketing Cloud Connect.

• The email digital marketer who will manage the email channel for their organization and who needs to know how to best leverage their Saleforce CRM data.

• The Salesforce Administrator who is responsible for supporting users when Marketing Cloud Connect is installed.

When you complete this course you will be able to :
• Explain Marketing Cloud Connect.
• Connect a Marketing Cloud account to a Salesforce org.
• Create individualized content blocks to leverage Salesforce CRM data using personalization strings and dynamic content.
• Create an email in Content Builder.
• Utilize the various sending methods to send to a Lead, Contact, Report, or Campaign in the Marketing Cloud and Sales/Service Clouds.
• Automate the sending of emails using a Triggered Email, Automation Studio, and Journey Builder.
• Configure Synchronized CRM Sources to bring CRM data into the Marketing Cloud.
• Segment data using Reports, Filter Activity, and Query Activity.
• Create journeys using Salesforce Activities in Journey Builder.
• Review tracking data in the Marketing Cloud and Sales / Service Clouds.
• Create analytics reports in the Marketing Cloud.
• Create and customize Marketing Cloud reports in a Sales / Service Clouds.
• Create a dashboard based on Marketing Cloud reports.

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MCC201, 16 December 2019




4 days

Start Date:

16 December 2019

End Date:

19 December 2019

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