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Develop and Extend a B2B Commerce Storefront - B2B201, 30 September 2021, Virtual

Explore the Salesforce B2B Commerce platform on Classic and discover how and when to extend your events with code. In this 2-day class, our B2B Commerce Cloud experts will walk you through how to use code to customize the UI and extend functionality in your B2B Commerce Cloud on Classic storefront so you can deliver a buyer experience that satisfies your organization’s unique requirements.

Who should take this course?

The audience for B2B Commerce Developer is any individual who will participate in a new implementation who needs working knowledge and experience with B2B Commerce technical components. Attendees should have intermediate skills in:

  • Object Oriented Programming (Apex or Java)
  • Full-Stack Development (VisualForce, JavaScript, CSS and REST APIs, JSON, Handlebars, and jQuery)

Salesforce Administration (Sharing Rules, Process Builder, and Object Relationships)This class is designed for individuals responsible for implementing the technical components of a new B2B Commerce Cloud storefront. You should have some experience with the following: 

  • Object-oriented programming (Apex or Java)
  • Full-stack development (Visualforce, JavaScript, CSS and REST APIs, JSON, Handlebars, and jQuery)
  • Salesforce Administration (Sharing Rules, Process Builder, and Object Relationships)
When you complete this course, you will be able to:
  • Identify where and what events require code extension.
  • Effectively navigate and configure in B2B Commerce on Classic Admin.
  • Implement UI, Logic Class, and Service Class Overrides along with Subscriber Code Integration.
  • Create your own B2B Commerce on Classic solution and troubleshoot problem areas during the development cycle.
  • Take the next step toward a B2B Commerce Developer Accreditation.

B2B Commerce Developer Pre-work

Please complete the following before attending our expert-led class.

Lessons and Topics

Technical Overview

  • Review Key Terms
  • Understand B2B Commerce on Classic Architecture and Technology Stack
  • Take a Tour of the UI
  • Understand B2C Commerce Cloud on Classic Admin Configuration vs. Code Extension

Storefront Overview

  • Implement B2B Commerce on Classic
  • Create a Storefront 
  • Load Data
  • Enable Buyers

User Interface

  • Review UI Best Practices
  • Familiarize Yourself with Key Terms
  • Explore UI Themes
  • Customize UI Layouts
  • Use Subscriber Templates
  • Use Page Includes
  • Manage Subscriber Pages


  • Override Handlebars
  • Extend My Account
  • Extend B2B Commerce Checkout Flow
  • Explore Global JavaScript Functions
  • Understand B2B Commerce Event Handling
  • Explore Handlebars Functions
  • Explore Localization Functions
  • Extend Utility Functions and Objects
  • Extend Global Extension Points

Core Capabilities

  • Handle Cases Using Process Builder
  • Configure Payment Types

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B2B201, 30 September 2021




2 days

Start Date:

30 September 2021

End Date:

01 October 2021

Course Code:




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