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Certification Preparation For Platform Developer 1 - CRT-450, 01 November 2022, Virtual

Are you ready to take the next step in your career by becoming a Salesforce Certified Platform Developer 1? By covering the details around the exam objectives, this course will help hone your problem-solving skills and reinforce your knowledge of key topics. A mock exam at the end of the course will help you assess your readiness.


Who should take this course?
This course is intended for an individual who has experience developing and deploying basic business logic and user interfaces using the programmatic capabilities of the platform, including practical application of the
skills and concepts noted in the exam objectives below.

When you complete this course you will be able to:
• Describe the structure of the exam and the exam’s objectives.
• List the most heavily weighted exam objectives.
• Describe key features of the programming languages, including:
Apex, SOQL, SOSL, and Visualforce.
• Explain important concepts, such as the testing framework,
governor limits, and the save order of execution.
• Explain the ALM of a Salesforce development project.

It is not necessary to possess any Salesforce credentials before attending
this course or sitting for the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 Certification;
however, we recommend the following experience:
• A student attending this course should generally have one to two years of
experience as a developer and at least six months of experience on the platform.

What you will learn

• Introduction to the Course and the Exam
• Database Modeling and Management
• Logic and Process Automation (Part 1)
• Logic and Process Automation (Part 2)
• User Interface
• Testing
• Debug and Deployment Tools



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CRT-450, 01 November 2022




1 Day

Start Date:

01 November 2022

End Date:

01 November 2022

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