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Programming Aura Components - DEX601, 07 October 2019, London

If your responsibilities include developing custom applications running in Lightning Experience and Salesforce mobile that support multiple devices and screen sizes from a single codebase, taking this class will boost your skills to the next level. In this five-day instructor-led course, you’ll learn how to program Aura Components with markup, JavaScript, CSS, Apex, and the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS), and make them available to Salesforce end users.

Who Should Take This Course?

Programming Aura Components is ideal for independent software vendors (ISVs) and web application developers who want to produce custom Aura Components and Applications that run in Lightning Experience, Salesforce mobile, or hybrid mobile applications that extend the Salesforce App Cloud.

When You Complete This Course, You Will Be Able To:

  • Efficiently create custom, reusable Aura Components and Applications.
  • Surface Aura Components and Applications throughout the Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Build a Salesforce mobile application that marshals data from your org.
  • Define input forms with client-side data validation.
  • Build apps that enable a user to create, read, and update data from a Salesforce org.
  • Theme your appliction by using SLDS and Lightning Tokens..
  • Adopt the Salesforce DX methodology for your projects..


Proficiency with programming HTML5, JavaScript, and styling markup with CSS. Prior experience with Salesforce and developing single-page applications (SPAs) is highly recommended, but not required.


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DEX601, 07 October 2019




5 days

Start Date:

07 October 2019

End Date:

11 October 2019

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