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Salesforce Fundamentals: Getting it right in the Sales Cloud - SACF-1

This interactive course is both an introduction to Salesforce for new Sales Cloud users, and a refresher on best practice. It is designed to give all Sales Cloud users the tools to navigate around Salesforce, and understand the key elements of Salesforce and how to use them. Graduates of this course will return to their workplace with a solid understanding of the benefits of Salesforce, and how it should be used to drive productivity in the workplace.

Duration: 1 day

Why should you take this course?

Salesforce Sales Cloud gives you a complete view of your customers and your relationships with them. Using Salesforce successfully will enable you to drive your sales by fully understanding your customers, the history you have with your customers, and efficiently planning your time.

This course will give you the skills and expertise to use Salesforce effectively, making you more successful in your job and making your company more successful!

Who should take this course?

Salesforce Fundamentals is designed for any Salesforce Sales Cloud users wanting to learn more about Salesforce, and enhance their performance from increased and more effective use of Salesforce. This includes sales people, operations staff, office administrators and managers.

What do I need to know before taking this course?

There are no prerequisites for this course.

What you will learn

When you complete this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Navigate around Salesforce
  • Search for your data
  • Understand how Leads are used and qualified
  • Manage your Accounts and Contacts
  • Drive your pipeline using Opportunities
  • Manage your time and record your actions using Activities
  • Enhance your visibility of data using list views
  • Plan and create Campaigns
  • Create Campaign target lists and use mass email
  • Run reports and use report options

All course attendees will receive a workbook containing the slides, additional notes and exercises in order to support the application of their learning back in the workplace.

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