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Analytics Quick Start

Our experts at Stimulus Consulting have found that our customers often benefit from a Salesforce reporting analysis that we provide in our Analytics Quick Start. Our Analytics Quick Start aims to capture your specific requirements and present a how-to plan to improve your business insights.

We will assess your data structure and map your requirements for effective analysis of your data across your short, medium and long-term objectives. This allows you to focus on day to day analytics as well as insights to drive your strategic direction.

We will run a detailed workshop to identify your Salesforce analytics requirements. This may involve a demonstration or configuration of assets. For example, CRM Analytics Dashboards, where we could discuss opportunities to integrate data from the wider business, Salesforce reports, or Salesforce dashboards in order to map requirements and deliver value to you. Our approach is to focus on data first and then identify the appropriate Salesforce tool.

In our Analytics Quick Start, we also identify the best tools that can be used to deliver your requirements and present the findings in a detailed report. The report will outline the solution and recommendations for follow up services if applicable.

Our certified consultants can develop a custom-built analytics solution for you, delivering powerful insights into your customer data. If you are interested, please contact us.

Please take a look at the overview of our Analytics Practice.

Typical Salesforce Analytics Use Cases

  • Sales pipeline overview
  • Support case analytics
  • Marketing campaign highlights
  • Lead lifetime metrics
  • Historical data analysis

Typical Salesforce CRM Analytics Use Cases

  • Large volume of data
  • Complexity of data sources
  • Control over formatting
  • Advanced visualizations
  • Slack integration


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