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Salesforce CRM Analytics Practice

The Salesforce platform empowers customers with a breadth of analytical tools. These are available throughout the platform and are key to unlocking important insights.

In a world where the Salesforce data model and interacting clouds help customers capture more and more data, data volume typically increases both the complexity and potential of actionable information. This puts an emphasis on optimising data analytics – that is exactly what we provide to our customers with our consultancy, support, and training services. 

Stimulus Consulting uses Salesforce reports in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to surface key metrics and information about customer’s Salesforce data. Reports can also be used to analyse historical data and discover hidden trends. We leverage forecasts to present consistent pipeline summaries.

Many customers want to have a single view of their business, we build Salesforce dashboards for that purpose. Dashboards are a great tool to visualise reports and provide highlight level of insights.

However, if you want more analytical power, Stimulus Consulting are also Salesforce CRM Analytics experts (formerly known as Tableau CRM). We have the expertise to help our Salesforce CRM Analytics customers to query their data with this powerful business intelligence tool.

We provide high-quality data preparation. This can include data integration services to gather data from various different sources including outside of the Salesforce data model. After the data is loaded, we transform and format it to deliver the information you need to drive your business. We design and build interactive dashboards for our customers that present results of the analysis in an intuitive but insightful way. Tableau CRM supports this with a whole suite of data visualisations, design, and formatting tools.

We can help you analyse what Salesforce analytics tool best suits your needs with our Analytics Quick Start. 


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