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Salesforce development, implementation and consultancy services

Why Stimulus?

Salesforce means many different things to different people depending on your business and what you want to achieve.

We believe that while Salesforce can work very well ‘out of the box’ for some businesses, most will want to undertake a degree of customisation and development to maximise the value from the investment in the Salesforce platform.

Business needs vary wildly depending on objectives, budget, scale and existing knowledge to name just a few factors. At Stimulus Consulting we can help with bespoke Salesforce development and customisation, small tweaks to existing systems, and bespoke training for your staff to help them use the technology to its potential.

Stimulus Consulting have many years' experience in Salesforce consultancy and training with projects delivered successfully across many different business sectors from small charities with just a few end users to multinational prestige brands. We can take on full ownership of the project from start to finish, or act as impartial advisors to your own team and everything in between.

Our consultants have high levels of certification and regularly undertake additional training to ensure that our skills and knowledge are second to none. Many of our consultants are also certified Salesforce trainers so you can be sure you are getting the best possible advice that is in line with best practice.

What is important is to understand what you want to achieve with the platform and then let us help you take it from there!

How does it work?

Whether you are a new or existing Salesforce customer, at Stimulus Consulting our goal is to understand your business first and then develop a Salesforce system fit for your business. We can undertake full business analysis and user story discovery prior to designing and developing your Salesforce software to ensure that it becomes a tool that reduces your workload and increases your efficiency. We encounter many Salesforce customers that, for whatever reason, don’t have their system configured to meet the needs of the business as well as they had hoped. It is our aim to ensure that doesn’t happen to you!

Alternatively, if you’ve already carefully considered your business requirements and just need some additional expertise to get it built, we can bolster your own in house team and offer best practice advice and hands on assistance to get the changes and custom development completed.

Our focus is always on best practice, making sure you’ll be following the design and development principles recommended by Salesforce themselves. This ensures a high level of compatibility with future changes and will allow you to get immediate benefit from new features as they are released with minimal configuration needed. Staying in line with best practice also means that Salesforce’s own free online training platform Trailhead will be useful to your team as the configurations and new features designed and developed for you will closely resemble existing features making adoption as smooth as possible.

Take a look at our HealthCheck and Quick Start, or our specialised practices for more details. 


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