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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation 

Our experts will implement and customise Salesforce Marketing Cloud to suit your requirements.

During the process, we use our knowledge and experience to identify your requirements and produce the best solution for your needs. This includes:

  • Are you using Salesforce Sales or Service Cloud already? – If you are already using Salesforce as your CRM system, then we can discuss the application of using the Marketing Cloud Connector to create the single view of all our Sales/Service/Marketing data and content. We will discuss syncing your data from Sales/Service Cloud into Marketing Cloud, whilst also having Marketing Cloud update Salesforce records based on Subscriber’s behaviour. For more information on the Connector, we have a blog that breaks it down


  • How are you planning to use your Data? – Whether your data is coming from the Connector, your website or from another solution, we will break down how you plan to use that data, work on a plan to get it integrated and automatically imported into Marketing Cloud. Next, we will develop the relationships that are required to get the most out of it all, using automation and Content Builder. We will investigate how to best segment that data to create more targeted audiences


  • What are your team’s skill set when it comes to content development? – you may have a team of skilled HTML Developers or you may have a team of incredible creative individuals with not much technical experience. We will work with you to enable your team members in Content Builder, to get the most of your personalised communication


  • What is your Customer’s Journey? – It does not take much for us to sell the benefits of Journey Builder, but what we need to do is find out how best to use it. We also start looking beyond just a marketing application and see if we can use it in other areas of the business


While all this will make the end user get the most out of the platform, we will also go through the setup in the back-end of the platform to make sure all permissions, sender setup and more is built to suit your needs.

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