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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Practice

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful, dynamic, digital marketing platform encompassing a suite of tools to engage your customers and personalise their user experience. With the way the Marketing world is developing, keeping up with the technology can be a challenge, especially with a powerful and comprehensive tool like Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Here at Stimulus, our team of Marketing Cloud Consultants have a wealth of experience in, not only the platform itself, but the many ways it is being used in many different industries. With such a wide range of studio and builders being used in Marketing Cloud, our experts will be able to help you to not only utilise these tools, but understand why they are so important. Whether it is:

  • Email Studio – to manage and maintain your Email Marketing efforts
  • Journey Builder- to create the 1:1 experience when communicating to your Subscribers, or
  • Contact Builder- to manage and get the most out of your data

Our flexible approach means that we can handle whatever you need to get the most out of the platform.

Here are a couple of ways we can help you:

We have just got Marketing Cloud

We have several options to get you up and running when you first start working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Whether its our Quick Start to get a working Marketing Cloud solution in a couple of days. Or, we can spend more time to develop a fully integrated and powerful Marketing Cloud solution with a Marketing Cloud Implementation. Of course, we also have the options to follow up with tailored training to suit both your administrators and your end users.

We have had Marketing Cloud for a while, but we are not seeing the return on investment

In our experience, this is a very common issue. When you find yourself in this situation, we can arrange a Health Check to see how we can help you to get the most out of Marketing Cloud. From there, we can move to the next steps.

This may include customising the platform to better fit your business, or developing a training programme to ensure everyone has the skills necessary to use Marketing Cloud successfully and drive adoption of the platform.

Social Studio

We also specialise in Social Studio. This may be part of your Marketing Cloud solution, or standalone. Whatever it maybe, we can help you.

Click below to find out more about Marketing Cloud and what we have to offer, or read more about Marketing Cloud in our blogs. 


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