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Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud Practice

At Stimulus Consulting, our consultants have many years of experience helping customers to get the most from their sales and service cloud instances. Our team hold multiple sales and service cloud consultant certifications among many other credentials that ensure you are in the most capable hands.

Sales teams whose software works well for them perform better at their jobs than those who are having to fight their technology to complete their jobs and get their figures in for their manager’s reports. This seems such an obvious statement but so many people buy the excellent Salesforce Sales Cloud to use as their sales CRM and then don’t take the final steps to set it up properly. Do you buy a new car but never adjust the seat? Of course not, but so many businesses leave their Salesforce as it comes.

Customer service teams who have access to the right information quickly can make all the difference between a happy customer and a bad online review. In Service Cloud something as simple as customised page layouts to surface the most important or regularly used information right where service agents are, can improve the service your agents can offer. You can improve call turnaround times simply by making your team spend less time looking through the system for the fields they need to read and update.

New and existing Salesforce customers alike are surprised at just how much difference a collection of small targeted tweaks can make to even the simplest of business processes. Both the examples above are simple and many customers have much more complex needs, but always be sure that the business benefits are driving the decisions.

The Salesforce platform allows so many customisation options that it can be daunting for business leaders to understand where to focus and what will deliver the greatest return on investment. Developing custom automations to remove repetitive and time consuming tasks for your staff workload is often a good place to look for companies that already use Salesforce and understand their processes in the system well. Likewise, you will often find that apps from the AppExchange, many of which are available for free, can help your team to understand their data better or reduce repetition. For newer Salesforce users, the greatest impact will often come from simpler changes to user interface, enabling and configuring “out of the box” features and targeted training for your teams and administrators on how to use all the features Salesforce brings. Using our extensive experience of helping customers like you, we can guide you towards the best solution for your business.

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