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Salesforce Health Check

Already using Salesforce but want to know how you can use it more effectively? We can help.

When thinking about how Salesforce is working for your company, do you find yourself expecting more and building a mental wish list of all the things you hope Salesforce would do for you?  Have you lost track of new functionality that Salesforce have released since your original implementation was set up for you?  Do you want to ensure that you are maximising the return on your investment in CRM?  And that's before we start talking about how your own business processes move on over time, how people change in your organisation and therefore, how requirements change with them.

If any of the above is relevant to you, then you should consider taking advantage of our Salesforce HealthCheck and getting our knowledgeable Salesforce certified administrators & consultants to spend time with you looking at your current application and making recommendations in how you can develop & amend your application to work better for you.

We will take the time to understand your organisation's implementation, identify the pain points you have with working with Salesforce and then prepare a report with suggested solutions for you to resolve your issue.  The types of things we might cover include:

  • Whether duplicate management would help with data quality
  • Can you enhance customer experience by making changes to your list views, tabs, lightning pages, path and other areas of the user interface and navigation
  • Are there any areas where development of automations could support your business process
  • Do you have data integrity issues and what tools can improve them, such as validation rules, etc.
  • Are your key reports effective enough

The amount of time a HealthCheck takes will depend on the size of your organisation and the customisations you have made but we can agree the scope before we start any project for you so you know exactly what the HealthCheck will entail and any requisite costs. Read our FAQs if you have any further questions, or contact us.


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