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What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

As the name suggests the Service Cloud is designed to help your teams support your customers on their journeys after they have received a service from you. It provides you with the ability to help and engage with your customers in different ways.

Let’s start off by looking at the more traditional method first, the trusty contact centre. Service Cloud Lightning gives you access to the Lightning Service console, this fantastic functionality gives you the ability to have a holistic view of your customers on a single page. Think about it, all of that good quality data on one page, reducing the number of clicks to find the information you need whilst simultaneously improving your employees efficiency and making your customers happier at the same time? It’s a win, win situation. We can even create a knowledge base of frequently asked questions using knowledge articles. Now you can answer those frequent questions at the click of a button and even send the answer straight back to your customer.

However, it’s the 21st century and your customers don’t just phone in when things aren’t quite the way they should be, do they? Can we help fix that? Of course we can, our customers are always on the move and we need to be smart about how we engage with them.

Omni-Channel allows you to route your customers enquiries to the right people, with the right knowledge at the right time, once it is set to work the customer can highlight a problem, submit it and it will go to the right support team without any other human interaction! A much smoother experience for the customer.

Social customer service allows you to support your customers via social platforms, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Imagine being able to engage with your customers on their social media and look to provide a solution to their problem before it becomes a major issue.  Customer service also allows you to use keywords and language detection to makes sure they can hit any problems head on via the correct channel for the customer.  With social media being public domain, being seen to be pro-active in this space can make your customer service look amazing.

It’s not all about social media, let’s go a little old school and look at Email to Case. The customer has an issue, they send in an email and Salesforce automatically creates a Case and assigns it again to the right person with the skills and knowledge to help offer advice and guidance, and we can send them an automated email that lets them know we are aware of their problem and we will be in touch to help as soon as we can!

Let’s face it, we just want to help us customers as quickly and efficiently as we can and those aspects of the Service cloud certainly allow us to do that, however, there is more, lots more!

Field Service Lightning (FSL)  allows your agents to create a work order for your teams out in the field ensuring we are able to respond quickly to any events that need actioning quickly, maybe to meet your Service Level Agreements (SLAs)… by the way, you can track those in Service cloud as well.

FSL is much more than that though, it allows you to schedule and assign jobs, your field teams can access their data from their mobile devices and they are able to make smarter decisions and potentially fix things quicker because all of the information they need is right at their fingertips. This is an additional license, but well worth looking into if you have teams out in the field.

In short, we want to keep our customers happy, your customers want to be kept happy. The Service cloud allows you to do just that!

If you also have Sales Teams, you may want to consider the Sales Cloud too. Combined, these Clouds will allow you to work with your customers in their journey from prospective customer, all the way through to supporting them post-purchase. You can read more about the Sales Cloud here.






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