The Stimulus Way

At Stimulus everyone is welcome. We are an inclusive workplace where our employees are comfortable bringing their authentic selves to work. We know that having varied perspectives helps to better serve our customers, partners and employees.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you have a highly customised training programme which increases your user adoption of Salesforce. Our training methodology below explains how we achieve this.

Firstly, we recognise that every business is different - you have different products and services; different processes and use different terminology in how you deliver to their customer and client base.  Salesforce provides an excellent customisable platform to deliver CRM that is more meaningful to your business.  This is why we believe that your Salesforce training needs to be responsive to your individual business requirements.

So, how do we put this into practise in our methodology?

  1. Trainer knowledge.  We ensure that all of our trainers hold the relevant certifications for the area of Salesforce that they will be training on.  As a minimum this will mean that they will be Certified Administrators or Certified Developers as recognised by Salesforce.  All of our trainers will also have undergone a further certification process before they are allowed to instruct on Salesforce.  This ensures that, as well as holding the necessary knowledge, all of our instructors have the skills and abilities to impart that knowledge to others.  Which brings us to ... 
  2. Quality.  Our perspective on our delivery is that we are only as good as our last project so we seek to ensure that every job we undertake is delivered to the highest possible standard in line with our client's expectations.  We have regular review points throughout the training to ensure that you, the client is kept fully informed with development and have the ability to influence the materials during the design phase.  All elements of the training are signed off by you before delivery takes place. Whilst we have a rigorous and supportive Quality Assurance process, this also puts the final say on the quality of our product with you, the client.
  3. Managed Expectations.  At the very start of any curriculum development, we undertake a comprehensive 'onboarding' process which gives us the requisite knowledge of how you have customised Salesforce to meet your business requirements.  We take the time to understand your system and the processes that sit behind it in order to be able to deliver the best system training possible.  This gives us the ability to be able to relate what Salesforce is providing to your business and how it actually supports your underlying business process.  This makes it more meaningful for your users and ensures that they receive real benefit-led training.
  4. Flexibility.  We understand that project timescales can change. To this end, we endeavour to become part of your project team, and work with you to ensure that we change and adapt with you. 



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