myTrailhead Content Services

What is myTrailhead?

You’ll likely be familiar with Trailhead, the Salesforce online learning platform where anyone can learn all about Salesforce (and other topics) for free. It is gamified, allowing you to earn points and badges along the way by completing hands on projects and quizzes. It's a fantastic way of learning everything you need to know about Salesforce products and functionality at the right time, and at your own pace.

Now, enter myTrailhead - this product which was released in 2019 allows you to create your own Trailhead content for your own business. You can create your own bite-sized modules to upskill your employees on so many things. The obvious use case is to train them in how your company uses Salesforce. However, you can use myTrailhead for anything! This could be your employee onboarding process - everything they need to know about joining your company from day one, or how to use other systems. 


How do we set up myTrailhead successfully?

If you have taken any trails, or spoken to those that have, you will know that Trailhead provides an engaging way to learn - it is actually quite an enjoyable process that can transform some people's appetite for learning. Now, this isn't something that Salesforce have just stumbled upon - there is an art to writing engaging content in an informal way that makes people feel comfortable with taking on new concepts, processes and systems. You can also support your learning messages with other media embedded into myTrailhead including graphics, pictures, screenshots, videos and more.

The technical side of creating the content can actually be somewhat easier than the creative side - although it shouldn't be underestimated as you need to ensure that users are set up with the right permissions, the content development team are trained in how to use Trail Maker, and your organisation knows what they need to do to manage the badge art, host supporting videos etc.


How can we help?

Stimulus Consulting can help you to set up myTrailhead with a variety of services, including, but not limited to:


Do I need a license?

Yes, myTrailhead does require a license which goes alongside your other Salesforce licenses. Speak to us to learn more.




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