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Salesforce Tutorial Videos

Our Salesforce videos

Introduction to Salesforce Path

Salesforce Path enables you to visualise a process and easily understand how to move to the next step. Set up which fields are critical at each stage of the process and provide guidance on how to get there to make your teams more effective.


Salesforce Kanban view and personalisation

In this short video we will show you the Kanban view in Salesforce Lightning and how it can be personalised.


Introduction to Salesforce List Views

In this short video we will explain the benefits of using list views in Salesforce, how to create them and some of the best new features.


Salesforce Favourites

In this short video we explain what favourites are, the benefits of using them and provide you with a step-by-step guide of how to use them.


Salesforce Summer 19 release

In this short video we introduce some of the new features that have been released with the Salesforce Summer ’19 Release. We look into the new Enhanced Related List features and filtering Related Lists. We also take a look at the new In-App Guidance, the new view options your administrator can configure for record pages and the Notification Builder. Finally, we also have a quick look at the Survey Builder which is now free.

Salesforce In App Guidance 

In this video, we take a look at one of the new features from the Salesforce Summer '19 release - In App Guidance. We explain what it is and the process of set-up from a Salesforce Administrator's view.



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