Additional Services

We can support your myTrailhead projects in many more ways. Let us know how our experts can help!

Content Authoring

Want us to write your training for you? We come equipped with years of combined experience in this market. We’ll gather knowledge about your system or processes and training requirements to ensure all of your goals are met, while also understanding your culture to keep your content on brand. 

Content authoring also includes video snippets to really show your users what they need to know! 


Content Editing

Maybe you’ve already written some content following one of your workshops, and you’d like us to review it for you. We can help you keep your voice and tone consistent while your team gets used to the platform.  This can be particularly useful when you have multiple authors across different content pieces (trails, modules, units).


Graphic design

Ever notice the graphics and screenshots in Trailhead modules? How about the badges? Maybe a video or two? MyTrailhead isn’t just about writing great training guides, it’s the extra bits of content that break up the text, bring your learning to life and really make it shine. If you need a little help in this department, we’d be happy to help.


Project Management

If you have a vision and want to see it achieved, let us do the heavy work and help you reach that goal. Our project managers have a great deal of experience in managing all manner of Salesforce rollouts and are experts in myTrailhead and how to ensure it is successful!


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