myTrailhead Content Writing Workshop

One of Trailhead’s greatest strengths is the tone of its content. Each module and unit is crafted with its target audience in mind – and this is something you should aim to achieve when you roll out myTrailhead.

During the strategy workshop, you will develop a deeper understanding of how to write your very own Trailhead modules using your own corporate voice.

In this content writing workshop, we focus on what you’re looking to achieve, discuss how to keep your content on brand, and outline the best practice approach on how to engage users with your content.With our extensive consulting and content delivery experience, we’ll get hands on with your myTrailhead content, offering you a content outline and a much deeper dive into existing assets you can take advantage of to roll out your training plan.

We’ll also help you come to understand the writing style that suits you, providing you with a style guide to stick to when future content comes into the picture, and showing you how to use tools that will help you remain focused on your audience throughout the content development process.

Audience: Key stakeholders in learning management and strategy, content creators and writers



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