myTrailhead Strategy Workshop

During the strategy workshop, you will develop a deeper understanding of how to structure your very own Trailhead modules.

The strategy workshop gives you the questions to ask – who am I writing for, how should I write it, what am I writing?

We will help you to structure your myTrailhead strategy to ensure your success.You will learn what your audience expects, and how to keep your own content on brand. You’ll also come to understand the assets required to roll this tool out, including those you already have, and those you might look elsewhere to source.

Measuring success of myTrailhead is also important, so this workshop will discuss how you can track and measure success and your KPIs.

This workshop will also get you to start thinking about how you can maximise the value of myTrailhead to your organisation by building a content strategy - what else could myTH be used for; what other departments can engage with the platform for their learning and how can you use myTH to develop a culture of continuous learning in your business.

Even if you have a content team ready to go, but you want to understand the strategies to help accelerate your rollout – then you should consider this workshop.

Audience: Key stakeholders in learning management and strategy, product owners and subject matter experts in the areas to be included in your content



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