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Marketing Cloud: from Yesterday to Today

So, last month marked my anniversary of being a certified Marketing Cloud instructor, and what a ride it has been. When I think about what it was, to what it is now, it’s hard to believe.

I have just finished what was one of the best classes I have ever taught, not just on Marketing Cloud, but Salesforce in general. Which got me thinking about one of the hardest, which so happened to be my second ever Marketing Cloud class in the US.

Picture this, I arrive to a classroom full of people who work for the same company. I introduce myself and the response was “well, we were hoping you were a Salesforce employee, as we have a lot to say and we are not happy”. I’m pretty sure my heart made an audible thud as it sunk to the floor and throughout the remainder of the class, there was a continued level of discontent towards the platform. I was genuinely concerned on how I would be able to continue to deliver on the topic with these kinds of noticeable issues.

Today it couldn’t be further from that. With every release, the platform has become more useable, powerful and intelligent. I firmly believe if I was to teach to those guys in the US again now, they would love it.

Whether it’s the introduction of Einstein to Personalisation Builder or simply enabling the ability to create an activity while in an automation, the platform has becoming something more incredible than I could possibly imagine. But it’s not just the tool I’m loving right now, it’s the people. With every class I teach, the numbers of participants increase.

The kind of engagement I get in these classes are like no other. Whether its “Oh wow, the Marketing Cloud Connect tool sounds fantastic” Or “Well I think we could write the SQL much better”, I love it.

So, it may sound cheesy, but I almost want to thank Salesforce Marketing Cloud, for what has been one of the most exciting years in my career. It’s taken me from one end of the earth to the other and I have been challenged nearly every moment of it, and I couldn’t be happier.


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