myTrailhead Storage Sync

We’ve just seen another update in myTrailhead, which we think many of you will like. If you have been working with Trailmaker (where we create myTrailhead content) for some time, you will have been aware that content is stored in your cache. Therefore, should you clear your cache or use an incognito window, you will lose the content in your workspace.

Now we have myTrailhead Storage Sync.

What does this mean for us?

The content you have in your workspace is now available to you in any browser or on any laptop you log into. No more losing your work, because it automatically backs up into a user-specific central database.

The first time you log into Trailmaker after this change, you’ll see this popup. This is a useful reminder that if you are working on multiple computers or browser, you should take a backup copy of your content first.

The reason behind this, is that the very first sync will happen when you update or edit content in a workspace. The copy is made, and it is synchronised to any other browsers/laptops. Therefore, content in any other workspaces will be replaced with the synced version.

Your content in Trailmaker will be backed up regularly, and you can see this really clearly in your workspace under your profile.

This shouldn’t replace the backup of your content. Remember that you cannot share content with your team members in your workspace, so you should export your content and place it in a Version Control System regularly so all of your content is stored securely and can be imported by other people to work on it in the future.

We’re really excited about this update. Gone are the days where we may accidentally lose work through clearing our cache, so it is a great win for myTrailhead customers!

If you want to know more about our myTrailhead services, please get in touch.


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