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myTrailhead has landed!

It's official, the day we have been waiting for has finally arrived! myTrailhead is here. We all love Trailhead. Not only is it a great way of learning, but it is also fun too. Now our customers can write their own content on the myTrailhead platform. So, how does it work? Simply design your own trails, modules and units for your sales team, managers service agents and so on.

Each unit can have its own quiz so you can test knowledge. Gamification makes it fun to achieve new badges and show increasing expertise. 

One great feature is creating your own Trailmixes. Think of these as learning paths which combine modules, units and any video links or documents that you may want your team to read. Another feature we love is that you can also add standard Trailhead content into your custom Trailmixes along with your personalised myTrailhead content.

myTrailhead is all about building on the exisiting Trailhead approach to allow you to present fully customisable trraining and teach whatever skills you feel matches your company culture, branding, ethos and so on. Through the integrated Trail Tracker app, it allows you to assign new training modules for your team, track when your employees have completed those assigned training modules and when they have updated their skill sets. Pretty awesome, right? Before you know it, your team will be Salesforce Trailblazers just like you!

Salesforce envisage that by using myTrailhead, there will be friendly competition within companies, but more importantly, it will allow you to embrace a culture of digital learning and is a tool that will help you to drive learning and Salesforce adoption.

myTrailhead is available immediately. Check out the below links to learn more:

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Watch a myTrailhead Demo


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