Welcome to Einstein GPT

We’re all hearing about ChatGPT and artificial intelligence (AI), and in the Salesforce world, Einstein GPT has just been announced. But what is it and what does it do?

Let’s look at the teaser video:  

What is Einstein GPT?

Put simply, Einstein GPT is AI within Salesforce. We’re familiar with Einstein, so let’s find out what is new with Einstein GPT. Firstly, it delivers AI-created content in Salesforce itself. All of your company data can be unified using Salesforce Data Cloud, which then enables Einstein GPT to connect to that data and generate content and information. You can also simply purchase Einstein GPT to plug into the data in your own Sales Cloud for example.

AI is a powerful tool when you have all of the data available to you that you’ve been creating and storing in Salesforce potentially for many years, so combining AI and Salesforce is ground-breaking for CRM customers.

What can I use Einstein GPT for?

Here are just a few examples which will save your users a huge amount of time. Think of enhancing tasks that are often repetitive and may need personalisation through research in your Salesforce records:

Sales: Creating emails, preparing for the next call by gathering data, scheduling meetings

Service: Generating agent responses, create knowledge articles based on past case information, summarise support information to save time

Marketing: Create personalised content across multiple channels

Platform: Create code and automations to enhance the productivity of admins and developers (yes, Einstein GPT really can write the code for you!)

When can I get my hands on it?

It is currently in a closed pilot, so watch this space for more announcements soon!

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