Salesforce Global Actions: The quick navigation that most people forget about

If you have ever used Salesforce, you will be aware that more often than not, there is more than one way to do something. Whether that is creating records, navigating or editing, there is usually more than one option.

When it comes to creating records though, it seems a lot of the time we use the slightly longer route of navigating to the object and creating the new record from there. There is nothing wrong with this method, but there is a quicker and sometimes more convenient way to create records.

This is where Global Actions come in. As the name states, these actions are available from anywhere within Salesforce so you can use them any time! All you have to do is click on the Global Actions icon and then choose the record you would like to create.

A perk of using Global Actions to create records is that they appear as a pop-up in the corner of your screen, meaning that they will not interrupt whatever you were doing before. For example, if you are busy looking at orders in Salesforce, and a customer calls you out of the blue, instead of having to search for the customer record and lose the order you were dealing with, you can use the Global Action to Log a Call. When you have finished logging your call, you can click Save and then go straight back to your order.

Another really cool feature with Global Actions is that they can be customised, so that you can create the exact records, and fill in the exact information, that you need. You can either customise the existing Global actions by changing their layouts, or you can create your own Global Actions from scratch. You can also add predefined values to save your users time when entering data.

Once you have created all of your Global Actions, the final thing you can customise is the order in which they appear in the dropdown, making sure that they are in the most efficient order for your users.

To customise or create Global Actions, just go to Setup and enter Global Actions into the Quick Find box. From there you can customise any existing actions, or create brand new ones.

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