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Salesforce Maps in Summer '22

As always, it wouldn’t be a Release Notes Blog if there wasn’t a section on Salesforce Maps! There have been some slight changes to Salesforce Maps for the new release, but as always, it looks like they will be very helpful!

The first update in the new release is an update that makes Salesforce Maps more available to everyone. Salesforce Maps now supports all languages and accessibility standards that Salesforce does, not only making it more accessible, but also making the integration more seamless between the two. Alongside the updated languages, Summer ’22 also brings access to the most-up-to-date NAICS Codes (North American Industry Classification System). Salesforce Maps now has the ability to allow you to access coverage for the date available in Salesforce Maps, so that you can identify available such as geocoding, routing and territory boundaries for the countries that you have business in!

Some further updates to Salesforce Maps come under the Territory Planning functionality. Most of these updates centre around Datasets. Datasets are collections of Salesforce records that you can customise with filters and fields and load into the map. With Summer ’22, not only has navigating Datasets become easier, using the new home screen, but you can create custom relationships within Datasets using SOQL queries!

Finally, you can now assign Roles within Territories. Before Summer ’22 you would have to manually enter roles, which could lead to user error, and also multiple terms being used for the same role. Now, you can assign users roles that have been established in Enterprise Territory Management, removing the need for manually entry, and improving your data quality.

As always, this is just a highlight of some of the changes to Salesforce Maps that are coming in Summer ’22. For more detail search for Salesforce Maps in the Summer ’22 Release Notes.

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