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You may have heard of the Salesforce Net Zero Marketplace and be wondering how it fits into the Salesforce world and Net Zero Cloud. Here we will tell you all about the Salesforce Net Zero Marketplace and how it can help you and your business to become carbon neutral.

When businesses measure their carbon emissions, using a tool like Salesforce Net Zero Cloud or others, they will be able to analyse their emissions and create a climate action plan to become net zero. So, what is net zero? It is when all greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere are equivalent to the greenhouse gases removed from the atmosphere. For a company to achieve net zero, it must reduce as many scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions as possible and may need to compensate for any emissions that remain with carbon credits.

Emission reductions should always be the first priority, the world cannot offset its way to net zero. However, carbon credits can be used as part of a broader climate action strategy where net zero cannot be achieved through emission reductions alone. Carbon credits can also be used as an immediate step whilst you develop your longer-term climate strategy – thereby making a difference now!

So, what are carbon credits? Carbon credits are purchased to offset these emissions through investment into sustainable projects which themselves reduce greenhouse gases. They are measured in metric tonnes of carbon-dioxide equivalent (tCO2e)

It can be difficult to find reputable companies and truly sustainable projects to purchase carbon credits in, and this is why Salesforce have made it easy. Salesforce work with leading experts to build transparency into the marketplace so you can trust that your carbon credit purchases are actually offsetting your emissions to the value you expect. The carbon credit providers on the marketplace have their own standards for buyer integrity. Following your purchase, you will receive resources which support your businesses claims about your climate plan and your progress using carbon credits. 

With the Salesforce Net Zero Marketplace, you have a location where you can find many projects to invest in. You can browse through the many projects and read more about each one, their goals and the impact they are making. When you find the project that you wish to fund, you can choose the number of metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) that you wish to purchase, and the price per tCO2e. Projects are rated by the experts engaged by Salesforce that evaluate the project and the risk that it will not reduce the tCO2e expected, giving you more information to make your decision.

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