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Summer '22 Release - Picklist Enhancements

In this blog, we take a look at the new features in Picklist Enhancements as a result of the Salesforce Summer '22 Release.

Picklist Updates and Improvements

Sometimes the smallest and simplest improvements are amongst the best. Here’s a couple to do with picklists that will allow you a little sigh of satisfaction and to wonder why these hadn’t been brought in before. Well fear not, they’re here now so let’s enjoy them for what they are!

Bulk Manage Picklist Values

The first is the ability to manipulate picklist values in bulk (beta). You can activate & deactivate, delete or replace multiple values at once – this is one of those that will be a surprising time-saver where before each of them had to be addressed individually.

Watch out for the little gotcha in here though – this does only work with custom picklist values…

Deleting Inactive Values in Bulk

Our second picklist nugget is sticking with the ‘working in bulk’ theme, and this one is deleting inactive values in bulk. Anyone who has had to cleanse a picklist before will know that these used to be done one by one.  Timesaver!

Identify Duplicate Picklists During Creation

All good things come in threes, and here is the third of our little picklist wins and it is the ability to identify our duplicate picklist values during creation. Up until now, if you were creating multiple values and one of them already existed, Salesforce would inform you there was a duplicate but not actually tell you which value was the culprit. Kind of helpful but….

More good news though, it will now identify which is the offending value so you can remove this from your list without having to come out of the screen, cross-reference which of the new values already exists and then start all over again.

So, lots of picklisty goodness in this release all designed to make our admin lives a little easier! Take a look at our full blog for more Salesforce release updates, or contact us for help with any new Summer ’22 features.


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