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Salesforce Reports and Dashboards Beta - Edit from Reports

We are witnessing a revolutionary change to the Salesforce analytics toolkit that allows for quick reactions to our analytical insights. We are used to having fantastic insights served to us in our Salesforce reporting. Salesforce reports range from analytics overviews to operational snapshots. Regardless of the time frame of our analysis, we often come to the realisation that we need to update the data we are looking at as it may be out of date, or incorrect.

However, until now we needed to open the records from the report and make the changes in the record pages. This required additional clicks, loading time, and a change in user interface from the report to the record page. Therefore, we were changing the context which could lead to confusion.

We are now able to use Inline Editing in Reports to streamline the user experience. With inline editing enabled, we can update values of text, numeric, and checkbox fields without leaving the report itself. This way, we can edit the values in context, quickly, and without confusion. We are unlocking major productivity gains!

You’ll need to contact Salesforce Customer Support to request Inline Editing in Reports as it is a beta feature. Afterwards, you can navigate to the reports and dashboards settings page in Setup to enable it.

Now, when you open a report, you will see a pencil icon when hovering over the fields. A quick click, edit, and save is all it takes to modify the value on the record and automatically re-run the report. All of this from the report!

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