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What is Salesforce Social Studio?

Social Studio is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud family and is a powerful Marketing toolkit to optimise every stage of our Social engagement.

Last year, in the UK, people between the ages of 16 and 64 used Social Media for 102 minutes a day on average. The number will almost certainly be higher this year. This is a marketable audience many businesses want to engage with. However, because the world of social media is so saturated with different platforms, a marketing team can run into issues managing their social presences. This is where tools like Social Studio come into play.


With a Workspace, you can connect all of your social media profiles in one location. So, whether you are publishing to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you can rest assured that your post is consistent and to the same standard. And with the ability to schedule these posts, we can make sure they are regular too.


As our followers continue to engage and talk about us, this is information that we do not want to miss. Whether it’s a direct conversation between you and your customers or a post made by someone publicly about you (but not to you), Social Studio is listening to this. This allows us to both engage with and understand this customer or potential customers. Using tabs, we can organise and categorise these engagements and hold a back and forth conversation between your team and your followers.

Even better, we can easily integrate Social Studio and other Salesforce clouds, giving us the ability to automatically create Cases for example, when a customer contacts us through our social platforms.

To find out more on how we can help with Social Studio or Marketing Cloud, please get in touch.


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