Time Limited Permission Sets

A deeper dive into a Summer 21 feature that should be of great interest to admins.

There are many situations where a member of staff should temporarily be given extra permissions. They are working on a special reporting project for the management team or have been tasked with updating records for a data cleanse – all kinds of things. In many cases, these people get permissions added but not taken away again at the right time, or in many cases ever (or at least until the next permission audit). Summer ‘21 gives us a new way to manage this more closely with expiry on permission set groups.

Once the feature is enabled there is a new UI for permission set group assignment. This is a lightning experience (LEX) style page rather than the classic style UI for most permission set work. There are 2 options in the red box in the image below. Selecting the top one gives the same behaviour as before; it just assigns the permission set group and northing more.

The second option allows you to set an expiry for the permission set group with some handy pre-set durations or a custom date being possible and even allows you to set the time zone.

After clicking assign, you get a new confirmation page. I’m not sure if this is the final state of this (given that this is pre-release) as giving the User ID is unusual and confirming the end date or other bits of data would be more useful here. Either way, it is nice to have a LEX styled UI for this now.

When viewing the User record you just assigned the permissions set to, there is a new column on the permission set groups related list to show the expiry date, so it is easy to track.

I think this is a great feature as even with the best intentions, going back and removing temporary permissions at exactly the right time isn’t always possible even if the process is in place to allow it to happen.

Keep an eye on our other Summer ‘21 coverage and if you want to know more about the new, or any other Salesforce features, contact us to find out how.



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