Salesforce Training – From End User to Centre of Excellence

Enabling your Salesforce team should be top of your list. Without the right skills in place, your team cannot be successful in their roles – whether that is sales, service, marketing, system administrators, developers – all of the people in your business that touch Salesforce need upskilling.

Although training your users is a high priority and is vitally important, you need to also give focus to the teams needing technical skills. After all, if you system administrators or developers do not know Salesforce or aren’t up to speed on the latest changes, then how can your users be given the best system to do their jobs?

Where to start? Our team will always start with a training and adoption strategy. We need to thoroughly understand the roles in your businesses, their current skills and the skill gap. This will allow us to create a role-based strategy. We don’t recommend a one-size fits all approach as it is rare that all users need the same training.

Creating a learning path for each role can combine many different options such as:

Instructor-led training (virtual or classroom)

  • For end users, this would be custom-built, based on your own processes and system. Hands-on practice is a key part of this training and we usually recommend instructor-led training for first time users. It gives them the opportunity to have dedicated time with experts and ask all the questions they need!
  • For technical users, we also look at instructor-led training available through Trailhead Academy and can create additional learning for any gaps or custom training specific to your own implementation

Trailhead or Sales Enablement content (formerly known as myTrailhead)

  • There are a huge number of Trailhead modules and Trails available which are both end user and technical. These offer a foundation of knowledge which can be used as pre-learning before taking more specific custom training. Trailhead is particularly strong for teaching technical skills aiming towards certification or hands-on experience with superbadges
  • Sales Enablement (myTrailhead) can be used to create your own custom content written and surfaced like Trailhead. This does require a license
  • Both Trailhead and Sales Enablement learning can be surfaced in your org right where the learning needs to take place. You can read more about the Guidance Center and Learning Paths here.


  • Create short videos for key processes. This should also be made available within your org – embedded into your assigned Learning or In-App Guidance

In-App Guidance

  • Use the platform! You can use prompts and walkthroughs to embed new learning (both end user and technical). Include videos and Trailhead or Sales Enablement content in your In-App Guidance

How can Stimulus help you?

We’ve been training Salesforce end users, system administrators and consultants since 2007. We’re specialists in developing and delivering training and experts in Salesforce. We don’t just train people, our certified team also implement Salesforce for our customers, so are expertise is relevant and current. Many of our consultants are also Salesforce Certified Instructors – teaching Salesforce technical workshops across Europe.

As well as end user training, we create learning programmes to support your centre of excellence in technical skills. We also create programmes for workforce development partners – bringing new talent into the ecosystem and designing and delivering programmes to upskill people with no knowledge of Salesforce to certification level.

For all of your training needs, Stimulus is the place to start. Contact us now!



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