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Staff Spotlight - Amanda Lewis

Before joining us, Amanda had a very interesting background. She started as a florist before spending 16 years in the Navy as a Weapons Analyst! Prior to moving to Swindon, she lived in Scotland with her husband Mark, who also works for Stimulus.

1. 10 years ago, what did you think you would be doing now? 

10 years ago I was living in Scotland and expecting my second baby. So the thought of living in Swindon working in a Salesforce Consultancy with my other half wasn’t even on the radar. My husband was going through the Officer Selection process in the Royal Navy so I was probably thinking that I would be an Officers wife! 

2. What quote do you live your life by?  

Short term pain, Long term gain’. 

3. What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?  

My family is the obvious answer but everyone says that, so if I had to pick an answer that wasn’t family related then it would be Gin, Wine, Baileys in that order!  

4. What do you like to do in your spare time? 

I am the second in command at the local Sea Cadet unit so any spare time that I have is usually dedicated to helping with the running of the Unit. 

5. What are you listening to/reading/watching at the moment?  

I am currently listening to a podcast that plays movie soundtracks and I am trying to work out how many of the movie sound tracks that I can identify.  

6. What’s your previous working experience? 

I started out as a florist whilst waiting to join the Royal Navy, I spent 16 years in the Navy firstly as a Weapons Analyst, flying Lynx helicopters on the world’s biggest games console, Santander, Student Loan Company and finally before starting at Stimulus I was a Team trainer at Maccie D’s 

7. What’s your favourite thing about life at Stimulus?  

Working with Mark the Head of Training, He’s been my better half for 25 years and it’s nice to spend time with him without the kids! I’m able to be myself in the office and the old ‘Work hard, Play hard’ saying is definitely true! 

8. What are you excited about during the next year at Stimulus?  

As we continue to grow as an organisation my role is evolving and as a result we have taken on another member of the finance team which will lighten my work load a little, however, the way we are going I am sure we will still be crazy busy for the next months and beyond, I really enjoy my primary role as the Scheduling manager and I love sending the team to the 4 corners of the world...Even Mark! 


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