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Sales Cloud Administration: Products, Quotes, Orders, and Collaborative Forecasts - ADM-251, 17 June 2019, Virtual

Sales Cloud Administration: Products, Quotes, Orders, and Collaborative Forecasts is a must for all administrators who need to configure and maintain these features for their organisations. Using real-world scenarios, this course will teach administrators how to set up products, price books, quotes, and orders to streamline their processes. This course will also teach administrators how to configure Collaborative Forecasts to generate accurate forecasts and track quota attainment.

Who should take this course?
Sales Cloud Administration:  Products, Quotes, Orders, and Collaborative Forecasts
is designed for:

  • Administrators with at least six months of experience using Salesforce; and/or
  • Administrators who have completed the Administration Essentials for New Admins course.

Course Outline



Set Up Products, Price Books, Quotes, and Orders

  • Describe the capabilities of products, price books, quotes, and orders.
  • Describe the relationships between opportunities, products, price books, quotes, contracts, and orders.
  • Create and customise products and price books to track products and the various prices at which they are sold.
  • Add products to opportunities.
  • Generate quotes showing the proposed prices for products and services.
  • Sync quotes to opportunities.
  • Add products to order to track customers’ requests for products and services.

Set Up Collaborative Forecasts

  • Describe the capabilities of Collaborative Forecasts.
  • Enable forecasts for users.
  • Configure multiple forecast types to forecast based on opportunities, product families, and opportunity splits.
  • Map opportunity stages to forecast categories.
  • Define forecast managers and enable adjustments.
  • Add quota data for users.
  • Build forecast and quota reports.



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ADM-251, 17 June 2019




1 day

Start Date:

17 June 2019

End Date:

17 June 2019

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