Create and Manage Experience Cloud Sites - ADX-271

Connect with your employees, customers, and partners using Experience Cloud Sites. In this 1-day class, you’ll discover how to build a branded space where you can share information and collaborate with people who are key to your organization. Our Salesforce experts will walk you through how to enable Digital Experiences in your organization, create sites for partners and customers, and measure and drive audience participation. This class also provides an overview of the Salesforce Experience Cloud Consultant certification exam objectives to help support you on your journey toward earning your credential.

Who should take this course?

This class is designed for experienced administrators who are responsible for setting up, configuring, and managing Experience Cloud Sites in their organization. As a Salesforce Administrator, you should have a solid understanding of Salesforce functionality and concepts, and at least 6 months of experience using Salesforce.

When you complete this course, you will be able to:
  • Enable Digital Experiences in your organization.
  • Describe the capabilities of sites and how they work.
  • Create a new Experience Cloud Site for partner sales.
  • Create an Experience Cloud Site for self-service support.
  • Measure a site’s success using dashboards.
  • Keep the site active and engaged with native tools.


Lessons and Topics

Exam Overview

  • Review Exam Topics
  • Review Exam Logistics

Digital Experiences

  • Get to Know Experiences
  • Understand How Sites Work
  • Implement Digital Experiences
  • Understand Deployment Types
  • Build Partner Sites 
  • Leverage Experience Builder Templates to Quickly Build Sites

Security and Customization

  • Understand Site Limits, Licensing, and Users
  • Create and Customize Your Sites with Experience Builder
  • Enable Experience Cloud for Mobile
  • Serve International Audiences with Multilingual Sites 

Self-Service Sites 

  • Understand Self-Service/Public Site Functionality 
  • Go Further with Experience Builder
  • Classify Articles, Questions, and Ideas with Data Categories and Knowledge
  • Build a Site Using the Customer Service Template
  • Add CMS Content to Your Site
  • Build Responsive Sites with Experience Builder Templates

Success Metrics

  • Measure Success
  • Install Dashboards and Insights from the AppExchange

Site Engagement

  • Drive Engagement
  • Moderate Sites 
  • Recognize and Reward Member Participation with Reputation
  • Highlight Topic Experts with Knowledgeable People

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